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Alpha Build: Django – 13022801

Here’s the second build of Django. It’ll go without saying, but I’ll say it anyways: we won’t be submitting tomorrow. We’ll definitely need a few more days to “finish” this one.

Click here to play Alpha Build: Django – 13022801

click screen to jump

hold to jump higher

click again in mid-air to double jump

hold to double jump higher

hit the “back” button in top-left to restart

Things are really starting to come together in this build, compared to that last build which was barely even a prototype.

lil dillo armadillos

Prototype Build: Django – 13022501

Here’s the first build of Django. We hope to have this thing submitted to the App Store by March 1, this Friday.

Click here to play Prototype Build: Django – 13022501

click screen to jump

hold to jump higher

hit the “back” button in top-left to restart

That’s right, “submitted to the App Store by March 1,¬†this Friday.” Haha…I guess we should take luck? It’s going to be interesting to see how this game turns out.


codename: Django

Today we start work on our first 2-week game, codenamed Django. March 1 is the proposed ship date.

Although this won’t be a true 2-week game, because we have a lot of other things to setup and get rolling, like logos, Facebook pages, version control, work methods, etc. We’ll be lucky to ship March 1, but hopefully we can keep the game simple enough to hit that mark.

The initial plan is to make Django a violent auto-runner jumping game, about like a Mario if he always ran to the right…and chopped heads off. At its core, however, it will be a sidescrolling platformer that can be infinitely expanded upon in future updates revealing new levels, worlds, gameplay mechanics, and story.