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Rescue Love Revenge Update: a WIP level and new game menu

RLR Chapter 2 level screenshot

A shot of a new level from inside the Unity3d editor.

We are working hard on the first update to RLR. Among other things, there’s a new chapter set in the high desert. This is a work in progress screenshot of a level that is almost done.

One tool we added to the project this time around is a Unity plugin called ProBuilder. ProBuilder lets us create and edit textured geometry directly inside of the level. It allows us to create unique shapes like these hills, without taking up an artist’s time. The resulting level is a mix of pre-made models and prefabs, plus probuilder objects.

Another change we are making is to the level select screen. Now that we have more than one chapter, we needed a better way to get around. We’ll submit this update to Apple soon, if all goes well.

New RLR Level Select

Codename Indiana 1.0.0 #2 is up on TestFlight, or play a web build now

For our crew on TestFlight, make sure you update and get the latest version of Indiana on your device. For everyone else, feel free to mess around with this web player build.

Indiana is going to be an exploration and collection game. It will have a little combat, but focuses more on puzzles and dealing with the lack of light.

Click to play Prototype Build: Indiana – 13032001

Objectives of this build

  • Additional lighting tests on lower end phones
  • Basic character animations are in to a point where we can test
  • Basic character movement

Alpha Build: RLR – 13030201

Here’s the third build of Django, now officially named Rescue Love Revenge. RLR for short.

Click here to play Alpha Build: RLR – 13030201

click screen or press spacebar to jump

hold to jump higher

click or spacebar again in mid-air to double jump

hold to double jump higher

pause & restart when you get to the girl

We’re looking to dot all the t’s and cross all the i’s to submit early next week, like on Monday or Tuesday.

There will be blood.

Alpha Build: Django – 13022801

Here’s the second build of Django. It’ll go without saying, but I’ll say it anyways: we won’t be submitting tomorrow. We’ll definitely need a few more days to “finish” this one.

Click here to play Alpha Build: Django – 13022801

click screen to jump

hold to jump higher

click again in mid-air to double jump

hold to double jump higher

hit the “back” button in top-left to restart

Things are really starting to come together in this build, compared to that last build which was barely even a prototype.

lil dillo armadillos

Prototype Build: Django – 13022501

Here’s the first build of Django. We hope to have this thing submitted to the App Store by March 1, this Friday.

Click here to play Prototype Build: Django – 13022501

click screen to jump

hold to jump higher

hit the “back” button in top-left to restart

That’s right, “submitted to the App Store by March 1, this Friday.” Haha…I guess we should take luck? It’s going to be interesting to see how this game turns out.