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Rescue Love Revenge Update: a WIP level and new game menu

RLR Chapter 2 level screenshot

A shot of a new level from inside the Unity3d editor.

We are working hard on the first update to RLR. Among other things, there’s a new chapter set in the high desert. This is a work in progress screenshot of a level that is almost done.

One tool we added to the project this time around is a Unity plugin called ProBuilder. ProBuilder lets us create and edit textured geometry directly inside of the level. It allows us to create unique shapes like these hills, without taking up an artist’s time. The resulting level is a mix of pre-made models and prefabs, plus probuilder objects.

Another change we are making is to the level select screen. Now that we have more than one chapter, we needed a better way to get around. We’ll submit this update to Apple soon, if all goes well.

New RLR Level Select

RLR update part 2: level tweaks

We have received some comments about Level 3, and confirmed within Flurry – some of our players can’t get past this one spot. A shot of level 3 inside the Unity editorToday I fixed the glitch by adding in some geometry to make that spot doable without doing a perfectly-timed double-tall-jump. This really just kicks the issue down the road. We plan to actually fix it soon by better explaining our controls in-game.

I’ve also nerfed level 15. We knew going in that it was the hardest level, and since it’s only the first chapter, now’s our chance to make it a little easier.

Level 15 is the longish cave level with all of those 1×1 cubes that must be hopped to precisely on time. They are now 2×1, which makes the whole thing a little more bearable.


I might also take a look at level 11. The rest of the levels follow a decent curve, if we can fix these few issues then I think our Chapter 1 completion rate will bump up a lot.

These changes will go into our next update, along with Chapter 2!

RLR Chapter 1 Level 15

Initial Visual Design for the 2nd Chapter of RLR: new gameplay elements

Check out the quick visual design for our Act1Chapter2 update of Rescue Love Revenge! A new layer of gameplay will be added, with a bounce-back from colliding with cacti, and a super-jump when you land on top of an exploding barrel.

We’ll see what survives a little prototyping and makes it into a live build.




Don’t forget that you can download RLR for free in the app store!
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