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Rescue Love Revenge Update: a WIP level and new game menu

RLR Chapter 2 level screenshot

A shot of a new level from inside the Unity3d editor.

We are working hard on the first update to RLR. Among other things, there’s a new chapter set in the high desert. This is a work in progress screenshot of a level that is almost done.

One tool we added to the project this time around is a Unity¬†plugin called ProBuilder. ProBuilder lets us create and edit textured geometry directly inside of the level. It allows us to create unique shapes like these hills, without taking up an artist’s time. The resulting level is a mix of pre-made models and prefabs, plus probuilder objects.

Another change we are making is to the level select screen. Now that we have more than one chapter, we needed a better way to get around. We’ll submit this update to Apple soon, if all goes well.

New RLR Level Select