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Codename Indiana 1.0.0 #2 is up on TestFlight, or play a web build now

For our crew on TestFlight, make sure you update and get the latest version of Indiana on your device. For everyone else, feel free to mess around with this web player build.

Indiana is going to be an exploration and collection game. It will have a little combat, but focuses more on puzzles and dealing with the lack of light.

Click to play Prototype Build: Indiana – 13032001

Objectives of this build

  • Additional lighting tests on lower end phones
  • Basic character animations are in to a point where we can test
  • Basic character movement

Indiana – Music Update

Today I had a breakthrough regarding the music for our next game, codenamed: Indiana.  For the last week or so I was having a hard time figuring out the sound for our new game and which direction I should take the music.  But today, that all changed thanks to a wonderful little instrument known as the Whale Drum.  In order to fit the adventure vibe, I wanted the music to sound adventurous without feeling too dark, ethnic without being too foreign all while consisting of infectious rhythmic patterns which I guarantee will be stuck in your head while playing!  So the main bulk of the score for this project will be made up of the Whale Drum, Kalimba, and a touch of Riq drum playing for some ethno drum craziness.  Below you’ll see a screen capture from my audio workstation featuring one of these tracks being composed.  Back to it… so I can move on to design duties later this week!



codename: Indiana

Today we start work on our next 2-week game, codenamed Indiana. March 22 is the proposed ship date.

The initial plan is to make Indiana a sidescrolling adventure game. We’ll be using Django as a base, but removing the auto-run and giving the player more controls for moving left & right, jumping, ducking, attacking, and performing actions. That means at least 6 buttons on a touchscreen, so we’re hoping to figure out an unobtrusive and elegant solution. Or we’re hoping to get something working and just move on until we can make it better in a future update.

Alpha Build: Django – 13022801

Here’s the second build of Django. It’ll go without saying, but I’ll say it anyways: we won’t be submitting tomorrow. We’ll definitely need a few more days to “finish” this one.

Click here to play Alpha Build: Django – 13022801

click screen to jump

hold to jump higher

click again in mid-air to double jump

hold to double jump higher

hit the “back” button in top-left to restart

Things are really starting to come together in this build, compared to that last build which was barely even a prototype.

lil dillo armadillos

Django Environment Test

Did a test for the chapter 1 RLR environments to make sure everything is fitting together. Here is a screen and the textures we used:

A quick level put together to test out the environments for RLR

A quick level put together to test out the environments for RLR

The textures we used.. These fit together/tile on the grid. 1 square = .1 meters

The textures we used.. These fit together/tile on the grid. 1 square = .1 meters