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Rescue Love Revenge is up! Download for free in the app store!


RLR is in the app store! Sweet! It’s free to download!

rlr_heart_32Rescue Love Revenge - Rich Pine LLCrlr_heart_32

And check out the next Teaser Trailer!

Rescue Love Revenge is an exciting new action-adventure game with an epic story that will unfold as we release future and frequent updates.

RLR features an energetic style with addictive gameplay and challenging levels!

In Act 1 Chapter 1, we find our hero crossing treacherous terrain and battling past bandits in pursuit of his love. Chapter 2 will be released in an update soon followed by many more chapters for Act 1, as well as an Act 2 and eventually Act 3 each filled with countless chapters and levels of their own!

Don’t miss out on the game everyone will be talking about!

Published by Rich Pine and developed by brand new indie game studio, Hatchlight, using a rapid development approach which you can read about at hatchlight.net.

RLR is a Universal App! Play on any iOS device.


rlr_heart_32RLR Controls rlr_heart_32

  • rlr_heart_32 Tap to Jump

  • rlr_heart_32 Tap and Hold to Jump higher

  • rlr_heart_32 Tap while in the air to Double Jump




Rescue Love Revenge – Short Teaser Trailer

Today we are officially announcing our first project: Rescue Love Revenge.

RLR is a game we made in two weeks. We plan to release more 2-week games until we find an idea that people really get in to. If after awhile, these 2-week games suck or we find an idea that is worth putting more time on, we’ll change the gameplan. For now, check out RLR’s short teaser trailer:

codename: Indiana

Today we start work on our next 2-week game, codenamed Indiana. March 22 is the proposed ship date.

The initial plan is to make Indiana a sidescrolling adventure game. We’ll be using Django as a base, but removing the auto-run and giving the player more controls for moving left & right, jumping, ducking, attacking, and performing actions. That means at least 6 buttons on a touchscreen, so we’re hoping to figure out an unobtrusive and elegant solution. Or we’re hoping to get something working and just move on until we can make it better in a future update.

codename: Django

Today we start work on our first 2-week game, codenamed Django. March 1 is the proposed ship date.

Although this won’t be a true 2-week game, because we have a lot of other things to setup and get rolling, like logos, Facebook pages, version control, work methods, etc. We’ll be lucky to ship March 1, but hopefully we can keep the game simple enough to hit that mark.

The initial plan is to make Django a violent auto-runner jumping game, about like a Mario if he always ran to the right…and chopped heads off. At its core, however, it will be a sidescrolling platformer that can be infinitely expanded upon in future updates revealing new levels, worlds, gameplay mechanics, and story.

This is the beginning – we’re cracking open the hatch!


Hatchlight is a new indie game developer, welcome to our website. We are a small indie studio with plans to bring you the most amazing games that you will tell your grandchildren about. Woah.

The beginning

We are a small team of experienced gamedevs who have pushed ourselves again and again for the traditional game industry scene. Work for years on something you can’t control, lose your job. Repeat, ad nauseum. This is how the game industry works, right?? Yes sadly, in most cases. But at this point in history, it is foolish to not  be making your own games. In fact, if you have any inkling to make games, follow along and we’ll teach you a few things, then PLEASE go make your own games too!

When we decided to form hatchlight, it was with a sense of doing it our way, and avoiding the mistakes that we have seen pile up game after game. Of course, we’ll make new mistakes, and they will be spec-tac-u-lar.

Hatchlight is about making games with an edge and a mystery to them, and not being afraid to create the game that we think gamers actually want to play.

This is Hatchlight for us. We hope in the future it means the same for you. And when we lose our jobs again, we will be losing our souls. Woah.

A plan

We work best when we push each other. We strive to give our games a sense of mystery. We have fun with new technology and platforms. Here are our founding principles:

  • Be Flat. Everyone should know how to manage themselves independently, as well as guide the team through a project.
  • Use our specializations as a foundation, and push ourselves to grow in new directions. 
  • Push the boundaries of what’s accepted, expected, and what’s been done.
  • Create an excruciatingly and extraordinarily open gamedev studio with a thriving community, by being active and open with our development practices.
  • Reward each other for the work we put in and reward our collaborators for the work they put in. Reward our community for believing in us by offering them amazing experiences.
  • Revisit these early and often, and iterate the plan.

The road forward

We plan to roll out our first game very soon! We have an ambitious idea for a twist on rapid development. Everyone at hatchlight has worked on projects for months or years…what if we took it back to the basics?

We hope you come along for the ride! 

-the hatchlight team