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Rescue Love Revenge


Rescue Love Revenge is an exciting new action-adventure game with an epic story that will unfold as we release future and frequent updates.

RLR features an energetic style with addictive gameplay and challenging levels!

In Chapter 1, you play as The Cowboy crossing treacherous terrain and battling past bandits in pursuit of his love. In Chapter 2, you play as The Grizzle lost in the desert trying to find his amazing horse while escaping the clutches of dangerous bandits. Chapters 3 & 4 will be released in the next update, followed by many more chapters for Act 1 as well as an Act 2 and eventually an Act 3, each filled with countless chapters and levels of their own!

Don’t miss out on the game everyone will be talking about!


Published by Rich Pine and developed by brand new indie game studio, Hatchlight, using a rapid development approach which you can read about at

RLR is a Universal App! Play on any iOS device.


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Published by Rich Pine

Rescue Love Revenge