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Rescue Love Revenge Limited Edition Tee

There are only a few days left to get an RLR shirt through the Teespring campaign, so be sure to snag one while you can.


RLR In-Game Blog and Facebook Integration

Aside from adding a new desert chapter, cutscenes, and a store to the upcoming Rescue Love Revenge update, we’ve also added an in-game blog that should allow players to stay informed on everything we’re doing without putting in as much effort to seek out that information. Being logged into Facebook will enhance the blog with pictures and allow players to directly Like posts without leaving the game.

Even without logging into Facebook, players will still know there are new blog posts and be able to read them, although they’ll only see text. Pressing the Like button will ask for Facebook login if not logged in already.

Logging into Facebook enhances the game all around, not just the blog. From a personalized welcome screen to reporting scores and achievements to challenging friends, Facebook will make a significant difference in Rescue Love Revenge. And of course, the blog looks better with pictures, so be sure to login to Facebook when the update goes live!

Logging into Facebook enhances the game all around, from a personalized welcome to liking blog posts to reporting scores and achievements. The blog looks better with pictures, so be sure to login to Facebook when the update goes live!

The blog content is independently grabbed from each of our Facebook pages: RLR, Hatchlight, and Rich Pine. We’ll see how it all pans out, but this may turn out to be a really good thing to help spread word of mouth for the game well beyond our comprehension. If someone likes a post from inside the game, then their friends see that, and then maybe those friends play RLR or check out our other stuff.

Without a big marketing team or budget, we have to do things in a guerrilla/grassroots style. For the past few years, we’ve been big fans of three books/theories: ZMOT, The Long Tail, and 1,000 True Fans. Now it’s time to quit talking about those theories and actually try to do them. More Facebook integration and putting a blog inside the game are two things which could help that process along. Same goes with having websites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and whatnot in the first place. I mean, we have tons of whatnot, amiright?

Alright, enough babbling…back to working on the in-game store, so we can ship this update ASAP!

codename: Indiana

Today we start work on our next 2-week game, codenamed Indiana. March 22 is the proposed ship date.

The initial plan is to make Indiana a sidescrolling adventure game. We’ll be using Django as a base, but removing the auto-run and giving the player more controls for moving left & right, jumping, ducking, attacking, and performing actions. That means at least 6 buttons on a touchscreen, so we’re hoping to figure out an unobtrusive and elegant solution. Or we’re hoping to get something working and just move on until we can make it better in a future update.

RLR submitted to the App Store

We did it. We successfully submitted Rescue Love Revenge to the App Store. Now it’s a waiting game. During the wait, play the RLR alpha build.

Today we’ll celebrate this small victory, then we’ll take off until Monday when we start a new game.

Alpha Build: RLR – 13030201

Here’s the third build of Django, now officially named Rescue Love Revenge. RLR for short.

Click here to play Alpha Build: RLR – 13030201

click screen or press spacebar to jump

hold to jump higher

click or spacebar again in mid-air to double jump

hold to double jump higher

pause & restart when you get to the girl

We’re looking to dot all the t’s and cross all the i’s to submit early next week, like on Monday or Tuesday.

There will be blood.