RLR update part 2: level tweaks

We have received some comments about Level 3, and confirmed within Flurry – some of our players can’t get past this one spot. A shot of level 3 inside the Unity editorToday I fixed the glitch by adding in some geometry to make that spot doable without doing a perfectly-timed double-tall-jump. This really just kicks the issue down the road. We plan to actually fix it soon by better explaining our controls in-game.

I’ve also nerfed level 15. We knew going in that it was the hardest level, and since it’s only the first chapter, now’s our chance to make it a little easier.

Level 15 is the longish cave level with all of those 1×1 cubes that must be hopped to precisely on time. They are now 2×1, which makes the whole thing a little more bearable.


I might also take a look at level 11. The rest of the levels follow a decent curve, if we can fix these few issues then I think our Chapter 1 completion rate will bump up a lot.

These changes will go into our next update, along with Chapter 2!

RLR Chapter 1 Level 15