We are a small indie gamedev collective with plans to bring you the most amazing games that you will tell your grandchildren about. Woah.

Hatchlight is a project-based studio. We work on what we want, when we’re able to. The trade-off for creative freedom and zero overhead is slow progress and working in the off-hours.

The beginning

We are a small team of experienced gamedevs who have pushed ourselves again and again in the traditional game industry scene. Work for years on something you can’t control, lose your job. Repeat, ad nauseam. This is how the game industry works, right?? Yes sadly, in most cases. But at this point in history, it is foolish to not  be making your own games. In fact, if you have any inkling to make your own games, follow along and we’ll teach you a few things. 

When we decided to form hatchlight, it was with a sense of doing it our way, and avoiding the mistakes that we have seen pile up game after game. Of course, we’ll make new mistakes, and they will be spec-tac-u-lar.

Hatchlight is about making games with an edge and a mystery to them, and not being afraid to create the game that we think gamers actually want to play.

A plan

We work best when we push each other. We strive to give our games a sense of mystery. We have fun with new technology and platforms. Here are our founding principles:

  • Small team, working during limited free-time. Set long term goals and build for the future. 
  • Be Flat. Everyone should know how to manage themselves independently, as well as guide the team through a project.
  • Use our specializations as a foundation, and push ourselves to grow in new directions. 
  • Expand beyond the boundaries of what’s accepted, expected, and what’s been done.
  • Create an excruciatingly and extraordinarily open gamedev studio with a thriving community, by being active and open with our development practices.
  • Reward each other for the work we put in and reward our collaborators for the work they put in. Reward our community for believing in us by offering them amazing experiences.
  • Revisit these early and often, and iterate the plan.

This is Hatchlight for us. We hope in the future it means the same for you.

-the hatchlight team